GE debuts PET/CT system at SNM show

GE Healthcare of Chalfont St. Giles, U.K., is launching a new scanner in its Discovery PET/CT line at this week's SNM meeting in Toronto.

Discovery PET/CT 690 is a premium system with a specialized detector configuration designed for sensitivity, event throughput, and efficiency, and that's appropriate for both researchers and clinicians.

The new system includes GE's MotionFree technology, which allows clinicians and researchers to align PET and CT gated images to compensate for movement in all body regions, particularly in areas subject to respiration motion. On Discovery PET/CT 690, MotionFree is integrated with VUE Point FX, GE's high-definition reconstruction technique incorporating the element of time. Combining the technologies should improve small lesion detection, image quality, and therapy response monitoring, GE said.

GE is also highlighting its Discovery NM 530c and Discovery NM/CT 570c SPECT and SPECT/CT cameras, both of which use GE's Alcyone Technology cadmium zinc telluride detectors. In image processing, the firm is touting its Xeleris suite of nuclear medicine applications available on the Centricity RA1000 PACS workstation.

In radiopharmaceuticals, the company is touting its AdreView and Myoview agents for oncology and cardiac applications, respectively, as well as its Tracercenter-GMP tracer production center.

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