Cannavo on the future of PACS; SNM on isotope crisis

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Is the PACS market broken? Industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo asks the question in the latest installment of his Exploring PACS Secrets series, available exclusively in our PACS Digital Community.

The economic crisis gripping radiology has had its own impact on PACS. The PACS sales cycle is lengthening, prompting vendors to slash prices to keep deals flowing. That in turn is slashing profit margins, which is putting even more economic pressure on vendors.

Mr. Cannavo offers a number of recommendations to restore the market to financial sanity. Yes, PACS will survive, he believes, but business needs to be conducted in a radically different manner for the market to return to health. Learn more by clicking here, or visit the PACS Digital Community at

SNM on isotope crisis

In other news, molecular imaging has a crisis of its own to deal with: the community's reliance on a single aging Canadian nuclear reactor for most of North America's supply of radioisotopes.

This week the SNM issued a preliminary report on the establishment of a U.S. source for medical radioisotopes. On the upside, the report identifies six potential sites where radioisotopes could be produced. On the downside, it could take several years for a facility to become operational.

Read all about it by clicking here, or visit our Molecular Imaging Digital Community at

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