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(Booth 8300) Nuclear medicine developer MedX of Arlington Heights, IL, comes to the 2007 edition of the RSNA show with its MedX C-Quest gamma camera, MedX T-Quest gamma camera, and NuQuest nuclear medicine workstation.

2007 10 22 14 14 07 706C-Quest is a dedicated nuclear cardiology camera with dual 90° detectors and an open gantry design for supine cardiac imaging. Its compact design allows it to fit into an 8 x 8-ft room. It features a rectangular 345 x 195-mm field-of-view. MedX plans to market C-Quest to cardiologists. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance currently is pending.

T-Quest is designed for high-resolution small organ imaging due to its minimized mm/pixel and focal distance. Its footprint occupies less than 8 sq ft of space and is completely mobile, designed to roll through narrow doorways on four durable casters. Its open configuration allows for access for patients of any size.

In addition, T-Quest features onboard data acquisition and processing, and has a circular 150-mm field-of-view. MedX designed the system for hospitals, endocrinologists, and pediatricians to perform thyroid, parathyroid, and small organ nuclear imaging. T-Quest is awaiting FDA clearance.

MedX also plans to display its NuQuest nuclear medicine workstation for diagnostic image processing capabilities for cardiac and general nuclear medicine and whole-body imaging.

NuQuest simultaneously acquires data from two gamma cameras to visualize dual-isotope studies, also at the same time. Its clinical analysis capabilities include cardiac SPECT, standard and gated tomographic reconstruction, gated cardiac ejection fraction (SPECT or planar), and polar map generation. NuQuest also handles myocardial perfusion analysis, pulmonary quantification, renal function and perfusion, gallbladder ejection fraction, esophageal transit time, gastric emptying, effective renal plasma flow, parathyroid subtraction, cerebral blood blow, cardiac shunt analysis, 3D processing and display, and center-of-rotation analysis and autocorrection. NuQuest has FDA clearance and is commercially available.

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