Spectrum Dynamics shows D-SPECT system

2006 06 06 17 32 47 706

Israeli gamma camera developer Spectrum Dynamics of Tirat Hacarmel used the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) show to demonstrate its progress on its D-SPECT system as it ramps up for a commercial launch of the unit in early 2007.

D-SPECT is a dedicated nuclear cardiology unit that uses a new technology called BroadView to deliver better performance for cardiac imaging than traditional gamma camera designs, according to Josh Gurewitz, a marketing consultant for the firm. D-SPECT houses 10 solid-state digital detectors in a crescent-shaped arc around the patient, who sits in a chair during the study.

2006 06 06 17 32 47 706
The D-SPECT system uses solid-state detectors arrayed in an arc around the patient.

Rather than rotating the detector array around the patient, the system swivels each detector back and forth during the study, with the range of motion automatically based on a patient's body mass index, which the system automatically calculates.

The patient wears a wrist band with a radiofrequency ID (RFID) chip that uploads patient information to the camera's acquisition module wirelessly, helping avoid the redundant input of patient information and improving workflow. The RFID chip also helps the system track the correct radiopharmaceutical dose.

D-SPECT can conduct a standard gated SPECT study in two minutes, and the company plans to enable the system to conduct a gated rest/stress SPECT study with technetium sestamibi and thallium in eight minutes -- major improvements on cardiac cameras with standard Anger detector technology, Gurewitz said.

Spectrum Dynamics hopes to have D-SPECT in beta testing by late summer, with commercial shipments starting in the first quarter of 2007.

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June 7, 2006

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