PerkinElmer to show new detectors at RSNA 2014

PerkinElmer plans to bring several new flat-panel x-ray detectors to the 2014 RSNA meeting in Chicago.

A wired cassette-sized detector designed for digital radiography (DR) applications, XRpad 4343 F features a 100-micrometer pixel pitch, a directly deposited cesium-iodide scintillator, and Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) capability, according to the vendor.

Two other dynamic detectors will be shown as works-in-progress. Dexela 2321 features a 23 x 21-cm, real-time x-ray detector design for use as a component in mobile C-arm and other fluoroscopy systems, PerkinElmer said. It uses a cesium-iodide scintillator and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor technology.

Another work-in-progress, XRD4343RF, is a 43 x 43-cm detector designed to serve as a component in radiography and fluoroscopy systems, PerkinElmer said.

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