Digital tomosynthesis a good option for orthopedic exams

LL-MKE4552 | Lakeside Learning Center
In this poster presentation, Japanese researchers will describe the basic principles of digital tomosynthesis radiography for orthopedic applications.

Digital tomosynthesis is an improvement over conventional radiography as it enables the acquisition of images with less radiation dose and fewer metallic artifacts, and it's less dependent on patient posture than CT.

Tomosynthesis also provides good delineation of complex bony structures and their healing process, even in cases of internal and external fixation. Finally, the technique provides accurate measurements of joint-space width on stress tests and is a useful option for better arthrography studies.

The presentation will cover the basic principles and acquisition techniques of digital tomosynthesis, and it will review the optimal clinical applications for the technology, such as for fractures, dislocations, postoperative follow-up of internal/external fixation procedures, and digital tomo arthrography studies.

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