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Look for this Franklin Park, IL, radiography vendor to use its RSNA exhibit to highlight a new general-purpose digital radiography system that supports both table and upright imaging with a single detector.

2006 10 30 12 10 11 706The new DR system can utilize either a floor- or ceiling-mounted tube stand with elevating table, upright bucky, and single digital detector, according to the company.

Del will also highlight Apollo Diva-D, a radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) unit that includes a digital acquisition system. The unit is capable of R/F and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) applications, and was manufactured by Del's sister company, Villa Sistemi Medicali of Milan, with design changed made for the North American market. Units have been installed in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

By Brian Casey staff writer
October 30, 2006

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