ISMRM RadCast Roundup: Radiology's AI apocalypse? | AI tech is here | MRI illuminates HIV's effects

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We've spent the week in Singapore, covering the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine's (ISMRM) annual meeting. The gathering hosted clinicians and investigators of all stripes who shared intriguing research findings and useful tips on how to best integrate MRI into the healthcare continuum.

What were our top stories from the conference? Leading the pack was a video interview with Charlene Liew, MD, director of cardiothoracic imaging at Changi General Hospital in Singapore, who spoke to on the "four horsemen of the radiology AI apocalypse" -- that is, key issues the specialty must tackle as it incorporates AI into its operations. Second up was our coverage of Liew's plenary talk on the fact that radiology AI is here -- and more is coming.

Our third most-clicked story for the week described research that showed the effects of HIV treatment on the brain, while our fourth highlighted a study that demonstrated how advanced MRI techniques shed new light on multiple sclerosis.

Our fifth most-read article covered a presentation that explored MRI's role in the emergency department, while our sixth was a premeeting interview with ISMRM President, Derek Jones, PhD. Readers were also interested in an interview we conducted with Andrew Webb, PhD, of Leiden University in the Netherlands, on improving global access to MRI and how a team from a team from St. Luke's University Health Network in Bethlehem, PA, "reinvented" their MRI safety protocol.

Take a look at our top 14 stories from the meeting, listed below -- and be sure to check out our full meeting coverage on our ISMRM RadCast.

  1. ISMRM: Beware the 'four horsemen of the radiology AI apocalypse'
  2. ISMRM: Radiology AI technology is here - and more is coming
  3. ISMRM: MRI shows effects of HIV treatment on the brain
  4. ISMRM: Advanced MRI techniques shed new light on multiple sclerosis
  5. ISMRM: Does MRI have a role in the emergency department?
  6. ISMRM President Derek Jones, PhD, offers upcoming meeting highlights
  7. ISMRM: Improving access worldwide to MRI: 'No surrender,' expert says
  8. ISMRM:'Reinventing' an MRI safety protocol
  9. ISMRM: 11.7 tesla MRI: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’
  10. ISMRM: Pinker-Domenig discusses her research, the ‘buzz’ on AI, trauma imaging
  11. ISMRM: Is low-field MRI coming of age for lung imaging?
  12. ISMRM: Combining brain MRI, CT radiomics improves lung cancer prognosis
  13. ISMRM: MRI technique has value in identifying triple-negative breast cancer
  14. ISMRM: Swiss team casts light on congenital heart disease
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