Exciting developments for nuclear medicine in India

Dear AuntMinnieIndia Member,

With this edition we complete 12 interesting and insightful issues of Letter from the India Editor for the Indian radiology community. And during this period, we have touched on almost every field of radiology except nuclear medicine.

So this time around, we focus on nuclear medicine in India. Fortunately, there are new and exciting developments that promise plenty of action.

More hospitals are set to start using functional imaging with PET systems. Radioisotopes that had to be imported or weren't available in India will soon be available from the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre in Kolkata.

And last but not the least, in a sign of things to come, India gets its first PET/CT system and the ability to combine functional imaging and anatomical imaging to give patients the best care.

Read all about the news regarding nuclear medicine, as well as a case report on the radiological presentation of Eagle's syndrome, at AuntMinnieIndia.com. For feedback, comments, and views, as always e-mail [email protected].

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