Indian radiologists showcase their research

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It's RSNA week. And it's heartening to note how many Indian radiologists are keen on learning about new research and participating in research themselves. Yes, there's the great Indian diaspora, but there are also Indian radiologists from India showcasing their research and talent at radiology's best and biggest forum in Chicago this week.

And right here on AuntMinnieIndia, an article by Surg Cdr I.K. Indrajit, Surg Cdr N. Mahesh, Surg Capt J. DSouza, and Col M.N. Sree Ram illustrates the point that Indian radiology is not lacking in skill or talent. Read the article and view the movie clips and images to find out how multidetector CT unravels vascular morphology changes in coarctation of the aorta.

From the RSNA meeting, we bring you a study by Dr Raj Rauniyar and his colleagues at the B.P. Koirala Insititute of Health Sciences in Dharan, Nepal. The study evaluates whether intrarenal colour Doppler sonography or captopril scintigraphy is a better screening tool for renal artery stenosis.

Dr Rauniyar is also the recipient of the RSNA Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship for 2004.

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