Video from ECR 2019: Christiane Nyhsen on ultrasound hygiene
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - Public awareness of the risks of infection transmission through ultrasound is increasing, and there are now best practice recommendations for the decontamination of equipment and also the choice of gel and transducer covers. Ultrasound fusion necessitates the use of extra equipment, and strict hygiene protocols are vital to ensure patient safety, according to Dr. Christiane Nyhsen.  Discuss
Alphenix angio unit leads Canon offerings at ECR
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - The European launch of its new Alphenix interventional angiography system is the major highlight in the booth of Canon Medical Systems at ECR 2019 this week. Other important products being shown include a new entry-level CT scanner for the global market and new global illumination software.  Discuss
Sports imaging: Look beyond 'dark box' and collaborate for success
March 2, 2019 -- To make real progress in sports imaging, radiologists must look beyond the "dark box" and collaborate with referring doctors, attend multidisciplinary meetings at the hospital, discuss cases with clinical colleagues, and get feedback on the radiology report and direct correlation with arthroscopic findings, according to Dr. Claudia Weidekamm from the Medical University of Vienna.  Discuss
Incisive CT scanner paces Philips products at ECR
March 1, 2019 -- VIENNA - A multislice CT scanner called Incisive is among the new product launches being featured in the booth of Philips Healthcare at ECR 2019. The company is also promoting other recent product launches, including a new ultrasound scanner, mobile C-arm, and advanced visualization software.  Discuss
Ultrasound equal to DEXA for assessing bone health
February 26, 2019 -- Ultrasound of the calcaneus, or heel bone, produced results equal to data gathered by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) for assessing bone health, according to a study published online February 25 in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.  Discuss
New technique may top ultrasound for heart disease risk
February 12, 2019 -- A new imaging technique known as volumetric multispectral optoacoustic tomography provided better visualization of the carotid arteries than ultrasound did in a new study, published online February 12 in Radiology. It may help advance the noninvasive assessment of cardiovascular disease, according to the researchers.  Discuss
Transcranial sonography identifies Parkinson's earlier
February 11, 2019 -- Transcranial sonography offers clinicians a viable way to diagnose Parkinson's disease, even before it manifests in clinical symptoms, according to a review published in the March issue of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.  Discuss
Why we need a BI-RADS-like system for uterine tumors
February 4, 2019 -- Does radiology need a scoring system like BI-RADS for tracking uterine tumors? In this Second Opinion article, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, PhD, proposes just such a system, which he believes is necessary after a painful personal experience: the death of his wife, Dr. Amy Josephine Reed, from a uterine soft-tissue sarcoma.  Discuss
How clean are endovaginal ultrasound probes?
February 1, 2019 -- Are endovaginal ultrasound probes being correctly disinfected? Not as they should be -- and this poses a health risk to women, according to a review published in the January issue of the Israel Medical Association Journal.  Discuss
Prostatic artery embolization gains clinical momentum
February 1, 2019 -- Prostate artery embolization has emerged as a highly promising interventional radiology procedure for lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hypertrophy, Dr. Jamal Al Deen Alkoteesh told Arab Health delegates on the final day of the Total Radiology conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Discuss