Imaging aids removal of aspirated dental crown
June 23, 2021 -- A chest x-ray helped identify a 9.5-mm dental crown discovered in the lung of an 81-year-old man admitted to the hospital for meningitis. The international team of authors behind the case published their report in the August issue of Radiology Case Reports. Read More
Chest x-ray misses more than half of blunt trauma injuries CT finds
June 23, 2021 -- Chest x-ray is essential for identifying blunt thoracic injuries in emergency departments, but it misses more than half of minor injuries identified on CT, according to a study published June 19 in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Read More
What factors affect radiologists' mammography interpretations?
June 22, 2021 -- It's no secret that radiologists' interpretive accuracy on screening mammography can vary widely. But the particular factors that influence performance may come as a surprise, according to a study published June 22 in Radiology. Read More
AI may predict heart disease risk on chest x-ray
June 22, 2021 -- Can chest x-rays be used to detect unsuspected coronary artery diseases? An artificial intelligence (AI) program has shown it's more than possible, according to research published June 17 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. Read More
Why x-ray is vanishing from urgent care centers
June 14, 2021 -- The rise of "limited-scope" urgent care centers that do not provide x-ray and aren't staffed with radiologic technologists presents a problem for the urgent care industry, according to Alan Ayers. Read More
Routine chest x-ray may offer little help in pediatric patients
June 8, 2021 -- Routine chest x-ray in pediatric intensive care units should be abandoned in favor of on-demand ordering protocols to reduce costs and unnecessary radiation exposure in vulnerable patients, according to a study published June 6 in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Read More
Model can predict risk for radiology appointment no-shows
June 7, 2021 -- Missed appointments can impact patient care and result in a significant revenue shortfall for radiology departments. However, a machine-learning algorithm could help prevent some of these no-shows, according to researchers from the University of Maryland. Read More
Simple steps improve x-ray for spinal surgery
June 3, 2021 -- A simple technique that provides three-point support for scoliosis patients during slot-scanning digital radiography works well for evaluating them prior to spinal fusion surgery, according to Singaporean clinicians who illustrated the method June 1 in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More