Radiologists boost AI severity quantification of COVID-19
November 15, 2021 -- Involving radiologists in fine-tuning an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm yielded better performance for detecting and quantifying COVID-19 pneumonia on x-rays, according to research published October 28 in the Journal of Thoracic Imaging. Read More
IDoR celebrates achievements of interventional radiology
November 11, 2021 -- The global medical imaging community came together on November 8 to celebrate interventional radiology during the International Day of Radiology (IDoR). Participants shared their photos on social media. Read More
Dark-field x-ray shows promise for diagnosing emphysema in COPD
November 4, 2021 -- New research has shown that dark-field x-ray can be clinically effective in humans -- in this case, diagnosing emphysema in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a study in the November issue of Lancet Digital Health. Read More
When it comes to imaging, racial disparities persist
November 3, 2021 -- Research has shown that healthcare disparities exist between white and minority patients when it comes to imaging use -- particularly CT and chest x-ray, according to a letter published November 2 in Radiology. Read More
Chest x-ray valuable in COVID-19 follow-up exams
October 27, 2021 -- Chest x-rays performed three months after patients with COVID-19 are discharged from hospital can identify those who might need additional follow-up treatment, according to a study published October 22 in Radiography. Read More
Can AI help screen for early interstitial lung disease on x-rays?
October 25, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was able to improve detection of reticular opacity on chest radiographs in patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD) in a retrospective study research published October 20 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
3D image guidance enhances biopsy of peripheral lung nodules
October 7, 2021 -- Bronchoscopy guided by conebeam CT and "augmented" fluoroscopy can yield 90% accuracy in biopsying peripheral lung lesions, according to research published in the October issue of the Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology. Read More
Rural women less likely to get colorectal cancer screening
October 4, 2021 -- Both rural and urban women follow breast cancer screening guidelines at similar rates, but rural women are less likely to get colorectal cancer screening, according to a study published October 4 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
AI aids assessment of skeletal age on radiographs
September 30, 2021 -- Radiologists can assess skeletal age on hand radiographs faster and more accurately with assistance from an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, according to a prospective analysis published online September 28 in Radiology. Read More
MRI exam nearly injures competitor at Tokyo Paralympics
September 28, 2021 -- The chief radiologist at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Dr. Yukihisa Saida, has described an MRI event at the recent Paralympics Games in Tokyo that highlights the importance of knowing what a patient's prosthetic is made of. Read More