AI detects pulmonary nodules on chest x-rays
September 16, 2019 -- A computer-aided detection software application based on artificial intelligence (AI) is able to identify pulmonary nodules quickly and accurately on chest x-rays, offering potential to serve as a triage or second-reading tool for radiologists, according to research published online September 11 in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Nonphysicians rarely interpret imaging -- except x-ray
September 13, 2019 -- Nonphysician providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants are playing a bigger role in providing imaging-guided procedures across the U.S. But they seldom interpret diagnostic images, according to a study published online September 11 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
IMV: Fixed C-arms improve interventional outcomes
September 10, 2019 -- Over the past decade, continued advances in fixed C-arm technology and other clinical innovations in interventional radiology have been shaping how fixed C-arms are used. Lorna Young of IMV Market Research examines major trends in C-arm use, based on responses from a recent IMV survey. Read More
Virtual reality relieves kids' anxiety over chest x-ray
September 9, 2019 -- Educating pediatric patients about their upcoming chest x-ray exam with virtual reality technology helped reduce preprocedural anxiety, and, in turn, the need for repeat exams and parental presence in the imaging suite in a new study, published online September 9 in JAMA Pediatrics. Read More
Are studies on AI for tuberculosis really valid?
September 6, 2019 -- Many research studies reporting on the diagnostic accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI)-based software for detecting pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) on chest x-rays include design shortcomings that call into question how well the algorithms would work in the real world, according to an analysis published online September 3 in PLOS One. Read More
AI can measure Cobb angle, diagnose scoliosis on x-rays
August 28, 2019 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can automatically measure the Cobb angle on chest x-rays, yielding a promising level of performance for diagnosing scoliosis from exams performed for lung cancer screening, Chinese researchers reported in an article published online August 24 in the European Spine Journal. Read More
AJR publishes primer on gender affirmation surgery
August 22, 2019 -- Radiologists should consider multiple issues when analyzing medical images used as part of gender affirmation surgeries, according to a primer on the topic issued online ahead of print on August 15 by the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
ED imaging plagued by racial disparities
August 15, 2019 -- Significant racial and ethnic differences exist in the use of medical imaging in the emergency department (ED), with patients of color having lower odds of receiving imaging compared with their white counterparts, according to a study published in the August issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
Doctors find dentures in man's throat 8 days after surgery
August 14, 2019 -- Removable dentures got stuck in a 72-year-old man's throat during surgery to remove a benign lump. Doctors didn't find the false teeth until eight days later when the patient complained of pain, bleeding, and swallowing difficulties. Read More
AI algorithm could reduce wrong-side medical mistakes
August 5, 2019 -- Wrong-side medical procedures are among the most devastating -- and preventable -- errors in healthcare. But what if you could stop wrong-side mistakes simply by analyzing radiographs with a machine-learning algorithm? A research group gave the idea a try and described their findings in the August edition of the Journal of Digital Imaging. Read More