Iowa health system ditches lead radiation shields
June 30, 2022 -- University of Iowa (UI) hospitals are ditching their lead aprons, citing evidence that radiation shielding for patients during x-ray exams is no longer necessary, according to a post on the school's health news blog. Read More
Bogged down in the reading room? Managing interruptions is key
June 30, 2022 -- Time lost due to interruptions in the reading room can gut radiologist productivity, according to a U.S. group. They detailed the issue at their hospital in Ohio, and offered their take on how to improve workflows, in a June 27 article in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. Read More
Chest x-ray technique reduces radiation dose in infants
June 29, 2022 -- Radiation doses to neonates undergoing chest x-rays can be significantly reduced by using a high kilovoltage technique, according to a study using anthropomorphic phantoms published June 21 in Radiation Physics and Chemistry. Read More
Routine x-rays help assess fracture risk in hip replacement patients
June 22, 2022 -- Bone measurements on routine x-ray exams acquired before hip replacements can help identify patients at high risk for fractures related to the implants, according to a study published June 20 in the Journal of Arthroplasty. Read More
AI chest x-ray software looks promising for use in children
June 21, 2022 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm initially cleared for analyzing chest x-rays of adult patients may also be effective for use with children, according to a study published June 17 in Scientific Reports. Read More
Selective salpingography can help women struggling with infertility
June 8, 2022 -- Selective salpingography can help women struggling with infertility conceive naturally, according to researchers at a June 7 news conference ahead of the Society of Interventional Radiology 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Tenn. radiologist pens article on injuries from semi-automatic rifles
June 7, 2022 -- An emergency radiologist in Nashville, TN, with experience treating mass shooting victims has described the injury patterns related to the use of AR-15 semi-automatic rifle -- and called on policymakers to reform gun laws -- in an article published May 27 in the Brookings Institution's FixGov blog. Read More
AI falls short diagnosing COVID-19 in real-world trial
June 3, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools have not yet reached full diagnostic potential in COVID-19, and underperform compared to radiologist predictions, according to a study published June 1 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. Read More
GE contrast plant in Shanghai to approach full production next week
June 2, 2022 -- There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for the global shortage of iodinated contrast media. GE Healthcare said on June 2 that a contrast manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, will return to close to 100% production of contrast media next week. Read More
AI model diagnoses osteoporosis on hip x-rays
May 27, 2022 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model based on features seen in hip x-rays could help clinicians diagnose osteoporosis. Researchers from South Korea explained their study in a paper published May 25 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. Read More