AI can detect, quantify traumatic brain injury on CT
May 20, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was able to help accurately detect traumatic brain injury (TBI) on head CT exams, as well as assess the type of injury, quantify lesion burden, and measure lesion progression, U.K. researchers reported in an article published online May 14 in Lancet Digital Health.  Discuss
AI can differentiate normal, abnormal chest x-rays
May 19, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can differentiate normal and abnormal chest radiographs with an accuracy on par with experienced radiologists, enabling triage of these studies for priority review, according to research published online May 14 in npj Digital Medicine.  Discuss
AI-based image reconstruction poses challenges
May 15, 2020 -- The use of deep learning to enhance image reconstruction has been considered to be a key application for artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. A multinational team of researchers is warning, however, that the technology is prone to instability issues that could potentially even lead to a wrong diagnosis.  Discuss
Initially hiding CAD findings could improve mammography
May 15, 2020 -- The performance of computer-aided detection (CAD) software for breast cancer screening could be improved by initially hiding CAD findings from radiologists as they review images, according to the findings of a small study published on May 7 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.  Discuss
Nvidia unveils new CT AI models for COVID-19
May 14, 2020 -- Graphics processing unit technology developer Nvidia has introduced two new artificial intelligence (AI) models trained to provide lung segmentation and detection of COVID-19 on CT exams. The company is making these models available to researchers to facilitate the development of new predictive AI algorithms.  Discuss
Free AI software can help triage COVID-19 on x-ray
May 13, 2020 -- A free commercial artificial intelligence (AI) software application can perform comparably to radiologists in triaging suspected COVID-19 cases on chest radiographs, according to research published online May 8 in Radiology.  Discuss
AI may predict COVID-19 progression on chest x-rays
May 12, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can predict how COVID-19 cases will progress based on analysis of baseline chest x-rays, offering potential to help in deciding how to triage these patients, according to a study posted online May 5 as a preprint on  Discuss
AI could enhance chest imaging's COVID-19 role
May 11, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) could enhance the role of chest imaging in the COVID-19 pandemic, moving it beyond disease evaluation to applications such as assessing risk, monitoring treatment, and discovering therapeutic targets, according to an editorial published May 6 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence.  Discuss
AI predicts Alzheimer's disease using MRI, patient info
May 8, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model was able to predict a patient's risk for Alzheimer's disease by analyzing brain MRI exams and nonimaging factors such as age, gender, and cognitive test scores, according to research published online May 1 in Brain.  Discuss
Can AI provide 'nowcasts' for COVID-19 on chest x-rays?
May 5, 2020 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm developed based on concepts commonly employed in economics and meteorology can yield a high level of accuracy for identifying COVID-19 on patients' chest radiographs, according to research from the University of Hong Kong. It also significantly outperformed radiologists.  Discuss
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Video from RSNA 2019: Dr. Paul Chang on AI and radiology
Video from RSNA 2019: Dr. Paul Chang on AI and radiology

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