3D printing helps rads build better CT fluoro paddle
May 25, 2017 -- Have you ever wanted to improve a device you use every day? It's now easier thanks to the magic of 3D printing. Researchers who modified a compression paddle for CT-guided fluoroscopy studies described how they did it in a May 15 article in the American Journal of Roentgenology.  Discuss
Photoacoustic imaging could guide breast cancer removal
May 17, 2017 -- A new technique based on photoacoustic imaging could help surgeons determine whether they've removed all cancerous tissue during breast surgery, according to a study published online May 17 in Science Advances.  Discuss
Contrast image processing boosts ultrasound performance
May 4, 2017 -- An image processing technique applied to contrast-enhanced ultrasound can deliver sharp, spatially compounded images without the need for additional transmit and receive cycles that can damage microbubble contrast, researchers have concluded.  Discuss
RSNA highlights 3D printing resources
May 4, 2017 -- The RSNA recognizes the value of 3D printing in medicine and plans to use its new 3D Printing Special Interest Group to promote the highest-quality 3D printing applications for medicine via education, collaboration, and research, while assisting in the development of news stories about 3D printing.  Discuss
3D printing's legal landscape remains wild, untamed
April 25, 2017 -- Many of the qualities that make 3D printing such an exciting field are the same ones that create a perilous legal environment for the industry, according to experts at last week's 3DHeals conference. From patent protections to product liability, 3D printing's sparse legal track record and unique manufacturing processes raise issues that lack clear answers.  Discuss
3DHeals: 3D printing start-ups demand skill, persistence
April 21, 2017 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Start-ups are hard enough in any field, but medical device start-ups -- including 3D printing hopefuls -- require extra helpings of dedication and persistence to succeed, according to experts speaking April 20 at the 3DHeals 2017 conference.  Discuss
3D printers help build a better cranial nerve
March 24, 2017 -- Researchers have created a high-resolution model of a 3D-printed brain and skull base from CT and MR images that details the cranial nerves in ways that outperform standard diagnostic images. The complex neuroanatomy of the nerves can be better understood and depicted by the use of highly customizable 3D-printed models, according to a report in the Journal of Digital Imaging.  Discuss
3DHeals conference explores 3D printing and more
March 22, 2017 -- 3D printing is revolutionizing medicine -- and radiology with it. But what's the best way to learn about this emerging discipline? The 3DHeals International Conference, being held in San Francisco on April 20, will explore 3D printing in healthcare with an eye on virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.  Discuss
Quantitative imaging biomarkers show promise for NASH
March 7, 2017 -- Quantitative imaging biomarkers are a promising approach for evaluating normal biological or pathogenic processes, as well as response to treatment and intervention. One near-term clinical application is the assessment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), according to Lola Koktysh of ScienceSoft.  Discuss
Color mapping boosts vessel interpretation in stroke CT
March 6, 2017 -- VIENNA - Color mapping of cerebral vasculature in 4D CT angiography speeds interpretation and may improve accuracy in the detection of vessel occlusions in acute stroke patients, researchers said on Sunday at ECR 2017.  Discuss