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42-year-old woman with morbid obesity
A 42-year-old woman with morbid obesity presents for a bariatric surgery preoperative evaluation. The patient has no complaints of dysphagia.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
34-year-old woman with wrist pain after fall
A 34-year-old woman with left wrist pain after fall.
Author(s): Dr. Amy Chudgar, MD
55-year-old HIV-positive man with thigh mass
A 55-year-old HIV-positive man with rapid growth of chronic thigh mass.
Author(s): Dr. Asheesh Harsha, MD
31-year-old woman with infertility
A 31-year-old woman presents for primary infertility evaluation.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
Man with a painless breast lump
Man with a painless breast lump.
48-year-old woman with dysphagia, odynophagia
A 48-year-old woman with a history of scleroderma presents with dysphagia and odynophagia that has developed over several months.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
45-year-old man with knee pain
A 45-year-old man with knee pain.
Author(s): Dr. Asheesh Harsha, MD
65-year-old woman with right hip pain
A 65-year-old woman presents with right hip and buttock pain over the last year and a lump in the same region for the last six months.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
28-year-old woman with dyspnea, fatigue
A 28-year-old woman with chronic exertional dyspnea and fatigue.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
Man with shoulder pain
A man with shoulder pain.
36-year-old pregnant woman with abdominal pain
A 36-year-old woman with reported 5 weeks of gestation age by last menstrual period presents to the emergency department with acute right lower quadrant pain. Urine beta-HCG is positive.
Author(s): Dr. Po-Hao Chen, MD
Infant presents with fever
An infant presents with fever.
Author(s): Dr. Jillian Lazor, MD
78-year-old woman with palpable subpubic mass
A 78-year-old woman with a remote history of endometrial cancer presents with a palpable subpubic mass.
Tags: MRI, Ob/Gyn, Womens
Author(s): Dr. Amana Akhtar, MD
7-month-old boy with increased head circumference
A 7-month-old boy with increased head circumference.
Author(s): Dr. Amy Chudgar, MD
32-year-old pregnant woman with vaginal bleeding
A 32-year-old pregnant woman presents with vaginal spotting. Projected gestational age is 7 weeks 3 days based on last menstrual date.
Author(s): Dr. Darshan Patel, MD
51-year-old woman in motor vehicle collision
A 51-year-old woman status post motor vehicle collision.
Author(s): Dr. Michael Hsu, MD; Dr. Bruce Kneeland, MD
Newborn with hypoxia
A newborn presents with hypoxia.
Author(s): Dr. Jillian Lazor, MD
24-year-old man with hearing loss
A 24-year-old man with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
Author(s): Dr. Darshan Patel, MD
9-year-old boy with arm pain
A 9-year-old boy with arm pain.
26-year-old woman with sharp abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding
A 26-year-old woman with sharp abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. β-hCG level is 2400.
Author(s): Dr. Amy Chudgar, MD; Dr. Lisa Jones, MD

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