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18-year-old man with painful testicle
An 18-year-old man with painful left testicle.
Author(s): Dr. Mikhail Higgins, MD
51-year-old man with right upper quadrant pain
A 51-year-old man with history of acalculous cholecystitis in the setting of necrotizing pancreatitis and severe sepsis. Status postcholecystostomy tube placement three months prior. New-onset right upper quadrant pain with recent CT imaging demonstrating an inflamed-appearing gallbladder and pericholecystic fluid collection.
Author(s): Dr. Marsha Lynch, MD
67-year-old man hypotensive after fall
A 67-year-old man hypotensive with left flank pain after fall from a height.
Author(s): Dr. Asheesh Harsha, MD
Patient born with biliary atresia
Patient born with biliary atresia.
28-year-old man with thigh pain
A 28-year-old man presents with anterior left thigh swelling and tenderness.
Author(s): Dr. Marsha Lynch, MD; Dr. Viviane Khoury, MD
55-year-old woman recalled after screening mammogram
A 55-year old woman recalled after screening mammogram.
Author(s): Dr. Amy Chudgar, MD
25-year-old man with shoulder pain
A 25-year-old man presents with right shoulder pain.
Author(s): Dr. Geraldine Liao, MD
65-year-old woman with altered mental status
A 65-year-old woman with altered mental status.
Author(s): Dr. Ameya Nayate, MD
Man with prostate cancer
Man with prostate cancer.
48-year-old woman with profuse vaginal discharge after recent surgery
A 48-year-old woman with profuse vaginal discharge. Patient is three weeks post-op from total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for complex adnexal mass.
Author(s): Dr. Darshan Patel, MD
65-year-old woman with chronic, nonhealing foot ulcer
A 65-year-old woman with multiple comorbidities and a chronic, nonhealing dorsal foot ulcer.
Author(s): Dr. Asheesh Harsha, MD
26-year-old man with headache, nausea
A 26-year-old man presents with headache, nausea, and worsening lethargy over the last month.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
40-year-old man with dyspnea
A 40-year-old man with history of acute promyelocytic leukemia presents with dyspnea.
Tags: CT, Thoracic, X-Ray
Author(s): Dr. Rafael G√≥mez Melchor, MD; Dr. Antonio Navarro Ballester, MD
Man with new-onset chest pain
Man with new-onset chest pain.
72-year-old man with mandibular lump
A 72-year-old man with a long smoking history presents with a palpable lump near the angle of mandible.
Author(s): Dr. James Chen, MD
89-year-old man with ischemic heart disease
An 89-year-old man with a history of multivessel coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction presents for myocardial viability assessment. Left ventricular ejection fraction is reduced at 35%.
Author(s): Dr. Marsha Lynch, MD
69-year-old woman after respiratory arrest
A 69-year-old woman transferred from outside hospital following a respiratory arrest.
Author(s): Dr. Duke Duncan, MD
55-year-old with ESRD, recurrent arm swelling
A 55-year-old man with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and recurrent swelling of the left arm.
Author(s): Dr. Asheesh Harsha, MD
40-year-old patient complains of pain
A 40-year-old patient complains of pain.
72-year-old man with right-sided twitching
A 72-year-old man with new onset of right-sided twitching.
Author(s): Dr. Ameya Nayate, MD