X-ray reveals physics of color in butterfly wings
June 10, 2016 -- What makes butterfly wings so colorful? Physicists from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) used a novel x-ray technique to answer this question. Their findings were published online June 10 in the journal Science Advances.
Making a Difference as a Sonographer: 100% every time
June 10, 2016 -- In our previous contributions for, strength and conditioning coach Mark "Coach Rozy" Roozen and I have focused on helping sonographers live and scan pain-free. In this article, though, I'd like to share a personal story that reminded me once again how important we as sonographers really are.
DTI-MRI predicts who will recover from concussions
June 9, 2016 -- Diffusion-tensor MR images (DTI-MRI) hold the key to predicting which concussed patients are most likely to fully recover from their head injuries as soon as a year's time, according to a study published online June 9 in the American Journal of Neuroradiology.
ABUS: An effective option for dense breast screening
June 9, 2016 -- The rise of the breast density movement has more women's health practices turning to ultrasound as an adjunct to mammography screening. A new study in the June issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology found that automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) can meet this need, without the drawbacks of handheld ultrasound.
5 steps to improve your imaging IT strategy
June 9, 2016 -- Are you doing all you can to implement an effective imaging IT strategy? In a new column, Jef Williams of Paragon Consulting Partners discusses five steps you can take to make sure you're prepared for the emerging healthcare landscape.
AJR: Ultralow-dose CT can evaluate COPD
June 9, 2016 -- An ultralow-dose CT protocol that reduces radiation dose to 4% of standard CT can be used to evaluate some patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), concludes a new study in the June edition of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
Do we need new terms to describe gadolinium exposure?
June 8, 2016 -- Does radiology need a better nomenclature for the problem of exposure to gadolinium from contrast MRI exams? Researchers are proposing new terms to describe the aftereffects of gadolinium exposure that can affect patients but which fall short of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.
RSNA, NCI to collaborate on image perception research
June 8, 2016 -- RSNA is teaming up with the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) to sponsor a week of image perception research starring you -- the radiologist. You're a notoriously hard-to-recruit demographic, but organizers hope to entice you into participation with promises of swag and a chance to do great things during RSNA 2016 in Chicago.
Technologist wage growth barely outpaces inflation
June 8, 2016 -- Radiologic technologists now have an average salary of $65,756, up 4.8% in the past three years, according to the latest survey by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.
New MRI technique links breast fatty acids to cancer
June 7, 2016 -- Researchers using a new MRI technique have found that the presence of particular fatty acids in the breast may be a useful indicator of cancer in postmenopausal women, according to a study published online June 7 in Radiology.
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