'Deep patient' may point the way to better care
May 12, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - With so much research focused on disease diagnosis using artificial intelligence, it's easy to overlook a largely untapped resource that could wield at least as much firepower to reinvent healthcare for the better. That resource is the deep patient, according to a May 11 talk at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.
ABNs key when performing noncovered radiology services
May 12, 2017 -- What do you do if a patient needs an imaging service that isn't covered by Medicare? Whatever you do, make sure you have the patient sign an advance beneficiary notice of noncoverage (ABN), according to our latest column from Healthcare Administrative Partners.
Deep learning for lung cancer advances goals
May 11, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Deep-learning algorithms based on convolutional neural networks are advancing a number of cherished goals in lung cancer analysis that will soon help patients live longer -- and even predict how long they might expect to live, according to a May 10 talk at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.
MICI Q2: Political concerns cloud radiology outlook
May 11, 2017 -- Concerns about the political outlook in Washington, DC, and its effect on healthcare policy continue to weigh heavily on the minds of radiology administrators, if the most recent update to the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) is any indication.
AI will bring doctors and machines together in radiology
May 10, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Physicians and machines will work better together rather than separately when it comes to deploying artificial intelligence (AI) for analyzing medical images in the years to come, according to a series of presentations on May 9 at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.
Radiology is not immune to sexual harassment
May 10, 2017 -- As a specialty, radiology has historically had low rates of sexual harassment. But that doesn't mean the problem is resolved, according to a study published online April 28 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
USPSTF discourages thyroid cancer screening
May 9, 2017 -- Citing the lack of evidence for an overall benefit as well as the risk of harm from overdiagnosis and overtreatment, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has finalized its recommendation against the use of screening with neck palpation or ultrasound for thyroid cancer in low-risk, asymptomatic adults.
CZT-based SPECT MPI may predict cardiac outcomes
May 9, 2017 -- SPECT gamma cameras featuring cadmium zinc telluride-based (CZT) digital detector technology are just what the nuclear cardiologist ordered to diagnose seemingly healthy patients with cardiac symptoms and to help predict their chances for an adverse event, according to a study published online April 27 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
AI start-up eyes deep learning to aid imaging in China
May 8, 2017 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) start-up in China is seeking to use deep learning to help address the country's severe shortage of radiologists. The firm believes its algorithms will make radiologists more efficient by helping them read images faster and focus more attention on abnormal exams.
Ottawa Hospital slashes lung cancer treatment time
May 8, 2017 -- What's the best way to reduce time to treatment for patients with abnormal CT scans who are referred for suspected lung cancer? The radiology department at a Canadian hospital was able to cut the time to treatment in half for referred patients, according to a presentation at last month's Canadian Association of Radiologists meeting in Montreal.
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