AI for radiology: Nothing artificial about that

2023 04 12 15 45 5073 2023 04 12 Ai Radiology Nothing Artificial About That 400

You’ve heard of integrating AI into the clinical workflow but as a radiologist, what real-world impact can you expect?

Dr. Suzie Bash and Dr. Kevin Abrams join Viz.ai to talk about the latest trends from rising study volume and radiologist shortages to artificial intelligence (AI) and workflow efficiency.

Whether your practice is using AI today or not, view this webinar to compare notes, hear lessons learned, and see real-world evidence of how AI is moving the needle.

Learning points:

  • Trends and applications for imaging AI
  • How AI platforms are supporting radiology and workflow best practices
  • Experts will touch on everything from day-to-day workflow improvement to impact on patient outcomes

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