ClariCT.AI creates high-quality CT images from low-dose protocols

2022 08 11 16 22 1489 2022 08 17 Claripi 400

What if you could turn images acquired with older CT scanners or low-dose protocols into high-quality images indistinguishable from those acquired with a premium scanner? That's exactly what ClariPi has designed its ClariCT.AI software to do.

ClariCT.AI analyzes CT images and applies AI-based denoising algorithms to images acquired with low-dose protocols -- giving them the look and feel of images acquired with higher-dose protocols on top-of-the-line systems.

ClariCT.AI can be used in any medical imaging facility, but it could have particularly valuable applications in the developing world, where many sites are using older CT technologies. The software can make them appear as if they were acquired with newer-model machines.

Two of ClariPi's users -- Dr. Saif Afat and Dr. Andreas Brendlin of University Hospital Tuebingen in Germany -- discussed the software with AuntMinnie.com's Vice President of Digital Media Sales Walt Schoenborn at the recent European Congress of Radiology meeting in Vienna.

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