Registered Radiologist Assistant/Radiologist Practitioner Assistant
Cape Cod Healthcare
Registered Radiologist Assistant/Radiologist Practitioner Assistant

Practice is completely hospital-based at Cape Cod Hospital in gorgeous Cape Cod, MA. Great quality of life, growing diagnostic and interventional radiology departments. Excellent opportunity to learn diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and advanced ultrasound guided MSK injections.

Under the supervision and direction of the Chief of Radiology, is responsible for assisting the Radiologist in the care of patients within the Department of Radiology. The care will be in accordance with the role delineation set by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), the Practice Standards set forth by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) or other such governing documents that may be jointly approved by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the ASRT and American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).


Job Details


40-hour position; 5 days a week 8AM-5PM

No weekend, call or holiday.
Perform Routine Fluoroscopic Exams  

·         Barium enema (Single and/or Double Contrast) 

·         Upper GI (Single and/or Double Contrast) 

·         Barium swallow 

·         Modified barium swallow (Adult and Neonate) 

·         Small bowel follow through 

·         Hysterosalpingograms 

·         (Voiding) Cystourethrograms 

·         Lumbar puncture under fluoroscopy 

·         Myelogram (Cervical, Thoracic, and/or Lumbar) with image acquisition 

·         Performance of arthrograms (CT and MR) 

Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Any Other (Small) Joint 

·         Performance of injections and/or aspirations 

·         Joint aspirations or joint injections with steroids or other medications with fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance 

Addition Procedure:  

·         Paracentesis 

·         Thoracentesis 

·         PICC Line Placement with fluoro guidance 

·         Venous Interventions including Ports and tunneled ports 

·         IV Contrast 

·         IV Fluids 

·         Biopsy - Thyroid, Liver, Superficial Lymph Node 

·         Percutaneous drainage with or without placement of catheter 

·         Change of percutaneous tube or drainage catheter 

·         Placement of catheter for pneumothorax 

·         Other duties as assigned 

·         Scribing preliminary reports for the attending radiologists review.


Daily/Routine Duties Required 

·         Obtain Full H&P on All Scheduled or Add-On Patients 

·         Provide Initial Evaluation of Patients 

·         Evaluate images for completeness and diagnostic quality, and recommend additional images as required 

·         Review imaging procedures, make initial observations, and communicate observations only to the radiologist. 

·         Record initial observations of imaging procedures following radiologist approval. 

·         Adheres to and Enforces Protocols for all Exams (very often communicating these protocols with various ordering physicians, PAs, NPs, clinicians, etc.), including Premedication Protocols for Contrast Allergies, Interventional procedure anticoagulation guidelines and requirements, Required Imaging Protocol for Specific Exams (HSG's, Myelograms, etc.), Fluid acquisition and laboratory protocols, per exam. 

·         Prepare and Present Case Histories, Problems, and Complications 

·         Document Progress Notes in Patient's Chart 

·         Provide physician-prescribed pre and post care instructions to patients. 

·         Round on Patients, as applicable 

·         Initiate Consultation Requests to Other Health Professionals 

·         Communicate radiologist's report to appropriate health care provider consistent with the ACR Practice Parameter for Communication of Diagnostic Imaging Findings. 

·         Obtain Patient Consent for Procedures 

·         Provide First-Level Response to acute patient complications and emergencies, and initial appropriate measures 

·         Participate in Staff Quality Improvement and Peer Review Programs 

·         Attends Continuing Education Programs and Participates in In-Service Programs 




Education/Job requirements 

·         Graduate of accredited RRA or RPA program (Must subsequently pass ARRT RA certification or hold CBRPA certification dated prior to 12/31/11). Must be from a Master’s degree program.   

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations Required: 

·         Must obtain ARRT/CRBPA certification and Massachusetts state RT/RRA/RPA license 

·         Maintain license and all certifications by completing the required hours of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) designated by the ARRT and Massachusetts licensing authority   

·         BLS and ACLS certification required (AHA standards) 


New graduates are welcomed to apply  

Knowledge And Skills 

·         Knowledge of PACS systems and Power Scribe 

·         High level of computer efficiency 

·         Strong interpersonal and communication skills 

·         Possess the maturity, self-confidence and ability to follow complex patient management plans as directed by the attending/supervising radiologist. 

·         Must be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care

appropriate to the age of the patients served 

·         Possess the highest level of customer service in interacting with referring physicians; all other care providers, patients and their families. 

Radiology Practitioner Assistant
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