Director, Radiography
South Florida State College
Director, Radiography

Full-time, year-round position to provide coordination, supervision, management, and oversight for the operation of SFSC's Radiography Program.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plans and coordinates the accreditation process for the Radiography Program.
    a. Prepares self-studies.
    b. Plans and coordinates site visit.
    c. Conducts on-going program assessment.
  2. Develops program curriculum and revises as appropriate.
    a. Meets and plans with the faculty members responsible for Associate Degree in Radiography, and continuing education for employees in the radiography imaging community.
    b. Guides the revision and development of course outlines; submits suggested outlines for group approval.
  3. Plans and coordinates related programs.
    a. Submits course planning sheets and course schedules at the appropriate times.
    b. Ensures that full-time and adjunct faculty are appropriately credentialed and contracted.
    c. Monitors curriculum of all related programs under the rules and regulations of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).
  4. Assists with departmental staffing.
    a. Makes recommendations for staffing to administration.
    b. Prepares recruitment requests for advertising positions, providing suggestions for appropriate text and placement. 
    c. Interviews candidates applying for staff positions.
    d. Administers orientation to the new radiography faculty.
    e. Evaluates departmental faculty.
  5. Teaches courses in the Radiography Program as required.
  6. Participates in budget planning and managing.
    a. Presents proposals for budget planning.
    b. Attends meetings for budget planning and review.
    c. Keeps abreast of the current budget.
    d. Submits amendments as necessary.
  7. Develops plans for the recruitment of students and is actively involved in selection and placement of students.
    a. Initiates the entrance requirements for all related programs.
    b. Works with Director, Institutional Communications to prepare program brochures.
    c. Plans and carries out strategies for recruitment into the programs such as: developing surveys, writing informational communications, participating in career programs.
    d. Counsels with prospective students.
    e. Reviews credentials of applicants and helps in the selection of students.
  8. Assists in the selection, organization, and coordination of clinical learning experiences for students in the radiology program.
    a. Visits and evaluates the community health agencies.
    b. Prepares and activates a formal agreement with each of the health agencies to be used as a clinical site for student experience.
    c. Provides program orientation to the staff in the respective agencies.
  9. Participates in the administrative functions of the College.
    a. Chairs meetings with program faculty and staff.
    b. Attends meetings such as:  Chairperson, Faculty, Staff, Curriculum, and Board meetings.
    c. Actively participates in committee work.
    d. Attends ceremonial and social functions.
  10. Reviews and recommends teaching materials.
    a. Periodically reviews and updates the Learning Resource holdings.
    b. Looks for and reviews new textbooks.
    c. Checks the inventory of audiovisual materials and keeps it up to date.
  11. Is responsible for equipment and supplies for the department.
    a. Assists with initial building construction project.
    b. Recommends the purchase of equipment and supplies.
    c. Ensures that the radiography facility is maintained appropriately.
    d. Keeps a current inventory record of equipment and materials.
    e. Makes the decision for supplies to be used in the department.
  12. Conducts regularly scheduled Advisory Committee meetings and is attentive to the recommendations of the Committee for implementation into the programs.
  13. Responsible for coordinating, documenting, and implementing all unit action planning, outcomes assessment, and institutional effectiveness efforts within the scope of administrative supervision.
  14. Monitors and promotes progress toward meeting the goals and objectives of the College's Equity Update report.
  15. Acts as a Campus Security Authority (CSA)/responsible person for Title IX and Clery Act compliance. Must participate in all required CSA/responsible person training.
  16. Acts in accordance with College policies and procedures.
  17. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Educational:  Master's degree from a regionally accredited institution required.

Experiential:  Two (2) years of teaching experience in an accredited radiography program and minimum of three (3) years of relevant clinical experience required.  Preference will be given to applicants with previous program management experience including experience in curriculum design, program administration, evaluation, instruction, and counseling, and experience in the JRCERT accreditation process. Must be a registered ARRT radiographer.

Additional Information:

Classification:  Professional Staff, Level III

Reports To:  Dean, Health Sciences

Supervises:  Full-time and adjunct radiography instructors, instructional aides, and work study students in the Radiography Program

Posting Date:  June 29, 2022

Starting Annual Salary:  $80,000-$82,895

Application Review Begins:  July 31, 2022


Applicants with disabilities who need assistance in the application or hiring process should contact: Human Resources, 863-784-7132, or send written request to:

South Florida State College
ATTN: Director, Human Resources
EA/EO & ADA Officer
600 West College Drive
Avon Park, FL 33825

Application Instructions:

To apply for this position please visit


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Avon Park
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