Imaging Informatics Engineer
University of Florida
Imaging Informatics Engineer

This position will be responsible for:

  • Architecting an imaging research database platform.

  • Administering research imaging systems.

  • Collaborating with UF Health to deliver real-world imaging data.

  • Developing processes to support Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

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This position will architect and continually improve processes to import coded/de-identified image volumes from one of several PACS systems within UF Health. The potential applicant will develop one or more imaging informatics platforms (e.g., XNAT) to ensure secure and reliable imaging data extraction from UF Health imaging archives and delivery to research computing environments (e.g. high performance computing). 

This position will also conduct oversight, maintenance and updates of the research imaging informatics system and related processes. Develop and manage processes that link imaging data with electronic health record (EHR) clinical data for delivery to researchers. 

This position is expected to learn from and engage with local, national, and global informatics communities with an emphasis on AI activities which will inform improvements to local image informatics capabilities.

Software Engineering

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