PACS Administrator
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PACS Administrator

The PACS Administrator’s role is to perform all related activities for supporting the organization’s Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). This position requires a strong technical person that is able to lead a team and manage multiple tasks and activities on a daily basis. A solid background in PACS hardware and software is a minimum requirement of the job.


1. Manage the distribution and storage of digital images from a variety of sources, including computed tomography, computed radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, etc.

2. Provide application-level PACS support, including image workflow, auto routing, pre-fetching and other activities.

3. Integrate diagnostic images with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Radiological Information Systems (RIS).

4. Ensure that digital image data transfers are properly entered into the PACS system, RIS validation, and exceptions handling.

5. Collaborate closely with the IT department to ensure the smooth operation of all PACS hardware and software.

6. Provide user training in regards to the proper use and operation of PACS equipment and software applications.

7. Monitor PACS performance as it relates to overall network performance in order to minimize slowdowns and downtime. 

8. Prepare reports on PACS performance and make recommendations based on findings.

9. Install, configure, test, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot PACS and associated devices and software. Perform backups as required.

10. Respond to tech support calls and support end user problems and questions. Communicate with end users to determine PACS needs, business requirements, and functional specifications.

11. Define new methods and procedures to enhance the quality of information technology systems.

12. Document activities to keep the organization in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

13. Use Help Desk software to document, track, resolve, and follow up on problems.

14. Collaborate with IT department and client hospitals to ensure the efficient distribution of medical images to authorized users.

15. Assist in development of operating standards, policies, and procedures. Assist with the development, implementation, and enforcement of all information technology policies and procedures.

16. Assist in the strategic planning of medical imaging initiatives, including new deployments, future needs, and systems integration.

17. Document changes, as needed, to keep IT inventory database up to date.

18. Evaluate and recommend software applications that could improve job performance.

19. Maintain standards of confidentiality and system security.

20. Participate in training and professional development activities as assigned.

21. Participate in special projects or other activities as assigned.



Certifications in PACS (CPSA, CPIA, CPSM, MCITP) preferred.

Experience working on or managing PACS systems.

Excellent technical knowledge of image capture and archiving technologies.

Hands-on hardware and software troubleshooting experience with radiology applications.

Previous exposure working in a large PACS environment.

Good knowledge of current network protocols, data transfer systems, including TCP/IP, DICOM, HL7, etc.

PACS equipment support. Experience with Dell workstations a plus.

Able to read and understand technical manuals, procedural documentation, and healthcare guidelines.

Ability to conduct research into medical imaging issues and products as required.

Ability to operate tools, components, and peripheral accessories.

Strong knowledge of applicable document retention and copyright laws.

Familiarity with project management techniques and procedures.

High understanding of confidentiality and data privacy laws, as well as federal legislations such as HIPAA.

Understanding of organizations goals and objectives.

Must have a customer service mindset.



  Skills in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with staff and patients, and the ability to work independently.

This job requires prolonged sitting or standing, frequent bending, stooping, or stretching; Must be able to see with or without corrective eyewear, must be able to hear clearly, with or without assistance. This position may require lifting 50 plus pounds.


PACS Administrator

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