Advanced diagnostic technology for accurate imaging
February 3, 2022 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the radiology community. Hospitals, doctors' offices, and clinics found themselves overwhelmed with scans at the same time they were modifying workflows to keep healthcare staff and patients safe. Read More
AI Trends in 2022: Clinical Radiology
February 2, 2022 -- What are the emerging trends that will impact the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical radiology in 2022? Find out from three key opinion leaders in AI in the first of three webinars on the use of AI in medical imaging. Read More
On the Path to Precision Diagnosis: Part 6 -- Toward first-time-right imaging
December 20, 2021 -- If there was ever a time to accelerate progress toward the goal of first-time-right imaging, it's now. For decades, our field has lamented the unacceptably high number of low-value images, resulting in patient recalls and additional strain on stressed-out radiologists and staff. Read More
Video from RSNA 2021: Siemens Healthineers and the Virtual Cockpit
December 17, 2021 -- What happens when you build a virtual technology platform for a specific use and the COVID-19 pandemic steers you in another direction? That's what happened with Siemens Healthineers and its syngo Virtual Cockpit technology. Read More
Video from RSNA 2021: Dr. Alyssa Watanabe on AI for women's health
December 6, 2021 -- What's the latest on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for women's health? We caught up with Dr. Alyssa Watanabe, chief medical officer of AI developer CureMetrix, at the RSNA 2021 conference. Read More
What are the keys to growing and investing strategically in diagnostic imaging?
October 26, 2021 -- Desert Radiology is an official Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence that has served Southern Nevada for more than 55 years. Today, it operates 11 outpatient imaging centers and works closely with 12 area hospitals to deliver leading-edge services that include diagnostic and interventional radiology. Read More
On the Path to Precision Diagnosis: Parts 4 & 5: -- How virtualization technologies are transforming radiology
September 22, 2021 -- Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for access to telehealth was on the rise globally. Radiology has responded with innovations in remote and virtual capabilities that can make an immediate impact on imaging volumes for radiology groups, departments, and hospitals. Read More
Imaging and IT: Aligning on the vision and executing the strategy
September 14, 2021 -- With an increased focus on preparedness and the ability to seamlessly adapt, radiology and business leaders must consider the flexibility, scalability, and value of their enterprise imaging initiatives. From integrating best-of-breed technologies and optimizing workflow efficiencies to setting the foundation for artificial intelligence adoption, healthcare systems need to maximize their IT investments while improving patient outcomes and delivering value-based care. Read More
AI in Action: Taking image processing to new heights
July 21, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days and is used in all aspects of everyday life. From ordering a meal through an app on your phone to getting driving directions to your vacation destination, AI is there. Read More
Moving to the cloud: Next-generation enterprise imaging
July 16, 2021 -- In today's climate, healthcare enterprises face increasing pressure to make more efficient use of IT resources and reduce total cost of ownership to ensure productive imaging departmental workflows and faster report turnaround times, resulting in better care for patients. Read More