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Spago Nanomedical
Spago Nanomedical develops nanomedical agents for diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The company´s unique nanoparticles are designed to selectively accumulate in tumors and provide excellent properties for use as contrast agent or radionuclide therapy; SpagoPix is a gadolinium-free, tumor selective contrast agent for MRI with exceptional signal strength (relaxivity). It has demonstrated proof-of-concept in different tumor models and good safety in regulatory preclinical studies. The first clinical study in cancer patients is currently in preparation. Tumorad® is a new radionuclide therapy for treatment of solid tumors. It is designed to passively accumulate in tumour tissue to deliver an optimized radiation dose. The project is in preclinical stage. Spago Nanomedical aim to develop it´s projects into clinical trials and seek strategic licensing partners for further development and commercialization.
Scheelevägen 22
22363 Lund
Amag Pharmaceuticals
61 Mooney St.
Cambridge, MA, USA 02138
b.e.imaging GmbH
Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Str. 8-10, 76534 Baden-Baden, Germany
Bayer AG
6 West Belt
Wayne, NJ, USA 07470-6806
675 McDonnell Blvd.
Hazelwood, MO, USA 63042
G E Walker Inc
4420 East Adamo Drive #206
Tampa Florida 33605
GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
Amersham Place
Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP7 9NA
P.O. Box 50400
Charles De Gaulle Cedex
France 95943
Vivid Imaging
7345 South Durango Drive
Building B, Suite 107/181
Las Vegas, NV, USA 89113