Does obesity affect quality of sleep?
March 23, 2023 -- A study using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scans to image obese patients suggests that increases in visceral body fat may be associated with an individual's quality of sleep, particularly duration, according to U.K. researchers. Read More
New radiation shield eliminates need for lead aprons
March 23, 2023 -- A new radiation exposure shield designed to provide total-body protection could allow some radiologists to ditch burdensome lead aprons, according to a study published March 21 in the Journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions. Read More
Chest x-rays predict outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
March 22, 2023 -- Plain chest x-rays of COVID-19 patients taken at the time of hospital admission can help predict which patients are at higher risk of death, according to a group of researchers in New York. Read More
Is AI ready for managing patients with hip fractures?
March 17, 2023 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can perform comparably to radiologists when diagnosing hip fractures, yet it will need more work before it can help predict outcomes after fracture surgery, according to a review published March 17 in JAMA Open Network. Read More
Korean radiologists report successful experience with chest x-ray AI
March 17, 2023 -- The use of artificial intelligence (AI) software in daily clinical practice for detecting lung lesions on chest x-rays has been an overall positive experience, according to researchers from a large hospital in South Korea. Read More
ECR 2023: The cycle of life -- imaging industry roundup
March 15, 2023 -- Key industry trends at ECR 2023 included sustainability, connected systems, and smarter workflows, according to a new column by Bhvita Jani, a research manager at Signify Research. Read More
AI proves useful for confirming negative findings on chest x-rays
March 13, 2023 -- A commercially available artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm could provide radiologists with a confidence boost by confirming negative findings on chest x-rays, according to a study published March 5 in Scientific Reports. Read More
Global access to stroke treatment 'dismal,' report finds
March 10, 2023 -- Patients worldwide have "dismal" access to mechanical thrombectomy (MT) -- a lifesaving standard of care procedure for certain strokes, according to a study published March 8 in Circulation. Read More
AI autonomous reporting could improve workflows
March 7, 2023 -- A commercially available artificial intelligence (AI) tool could significantly improve radiology workflows by autonomously reporting whether chest x-rays are normal or abnormal, according to a study published March 7 in Radiology. Read More
GE HealthCare offers experiences, upgrades at ECR 2023
March 5, 2023 -- VIENNA - GE HealthCare showcased a range of new imaging hardware and software, as well as new "immersive experiences" in its first time participating in an ECR as an independent public traded company. Read More