COVID-19 'long haulers' could have long-term effect on radiology
April 21, 2021 -- More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it's becoming clear that some patients experience chronic, long-term symptoms from the disease, and these "long haulers" could have a big effect on radiology, according to a poster at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting. Read More
CCTA shows coronary plaque burden higher in people with HIV
April 20, 2021 -- Coronary CT angiography (CCTA) scans show that individuals who are positive for HIV who are not known to have heart disease have more than three times the burden of noncalcified coronary plaque than people without the virus, according to a study published April 20 in Radiology. Read More
AI can help predict mortality from metastatic breast cancer
April 20, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can expertly detect metastatic lung nodules on chest CT exams in breast cancer patients and aid in risk assessment, according to an April 18 talk at the annual American Roentgen Ray Society meeting. Read More
CT radiomics predicts survival in NSCLC patients
April 16, 2021 -- CT radiomics can be useful for predicting survival in patients receiving immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to research presented at this week's annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Read More
AI predicts heart disease mortality from CT lung screening exams
April 15, 2021 -- A deep-learning algorithm used to analyze CT lung cancer screening exams was able to predict risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, according to a study published April 15 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. Read More
Weight-bearing CT, 3D analysis can assess knee osteoarthritis
April 15, 2021 -- Quantitative 3D analysis of weight-bearing CT is a promising technique for assessing the structural changes associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA), according to research published online April 13 in Radiology. Read More
Shared decision-making: Is it harmful for lung cancer screening?
April 14, 2021 -- Why is CT lung cancer screening the only screening exam to require a session of shared decision-making between patients and doctors to receive Medicare reimbursement? Dr. Frederic Grannis examines this question in a new article. Read More
Meta-analysis finds good news, bad news for radiology AI research
April 9, 2021 -- A meta-analysis of radiology artificial intelligence (AI) research found the technology had high overall accuracy in chest and breast imaging, but also widespread methodological and reporting issues that may preclude definitive assessments of clinical utility. Read More
Exposure to contrast on CTPA doesn't cause long-term kidney injury
April 9, 2021 -- Exposure to intravenous contrast via CT pulmonary angiogram (CTPA) exams does not appear to cause long-term kidney injury, according to a study published April 5 in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read More
AI algorithm can predict severity, progression of COPD
April 9, 2021 -- A deep-learning algorithm can enable accurate staging of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as predictions on five-year progression and mortality, according to research published online April 8 in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging. Read More