AI can prescreen head CT studies for urgent findings
October 16, 2018 -- A set of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can prescreen head CT scans for urgent findings such as intracranial hemorrhage and cranial fracture, enabling triage of these cases for priority review by radiologists, according to research published online on October 11 in the Lancet.  Discuss
DeepSpine AI enhances grading of lumbar spinal stenosis
October 12, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm called DeepSpine can assist radiologists in the time-consuming and difficult task of grading spinal stenosis on lumbar spine MRI exams, according to researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital Center for Clinical Data Science in Boston.  Discuss
AI reduces false positives in screening mammography
October 11, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm reduced the number of unnecessary recalls from screening mammography exams by uncovering image features that may not be visible to radiologists, according to research published online October 11 in Clinical Cancer Research.  Discuss
AI can't replace radiologists for chest x-ray reads
October 9, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can assist radiologists in interpreting routine chest x-rays and looking for changes on serial studies. But the software's limitations render it unsuitable for taking over the radiologist's role in reading these exams, according to research published October 4 in PLOS One.  Discuss
AI, diffusion MRI can predict outcomes for epilepsy
October 5, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that analyzes whole-brain structural connectome maps produced from diffusion MRI studies can accurately predict surgical outcomes in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, according to research published in the September issue of Epilepsia.  Discuss
Can AI predict outcomes for psychosis, depression?
September 28, 2018 -- Making use of MRI and clinical data, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm outperformed clinical experts in predicting which people at high risk of psychosis or with depression need more intensive therapy, according to research published online September 26 in JAMA Psychiatry.  Discuss
AI detects more malignant lung nodules on x-rays
September 27, 2018 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm improved the performance of nonradiology physicians and even thoracic radiologists for detecting malignant pulmonary nodules on chest radiographs, according to research published online September 25 in Radiology.  Discuss
AI helps uncover clues for Alzheimer's disease in MRI data
September 24, 2018 -- Making use of both gray-matter morphometry and white-matter tractography techniques, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and multimodality MRI can accurately predict if a patient will develop Alzheimer's disease, enabling early treatment, according to research published on  Discuss
7T fMRI, AI illustrate how memories help with daily activities
September 21, 2018 -- Could it simply be déjà vu all over again? In a study published online September 19 in Neuron, European researchers used 7-tesla functional MRI (fMRI) scans and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine how the brain connects with a person's memory and past experiences to solve daily problems.  Discuss
NYMIIS: Next-gen PACS will include 'best-of-breed' AI
September 18, 2018 -- NEW YORK CITY - Will artificial intelligence (AI) replace radiologists over the next decade? No, but it will spark changes in PACS software that will enable radiologists to access the algorithms they want, Dr. Eliot Siegel told attendees on Monday at the New York Medical Imaging Informatics Symposium (NYMIIS).  Discuss