How will AI affect radiology over the next 20 years?
May 26, 2017 -- Will radiologists be replaced within 20 years by computers powered by artificial intelligence (AI)? Dr. Bradley Erickson, PhD, and Dr. Eliot Siegel debated this question on May 25 in a wide-ranging discussion at the U.S. National Cancer Institute's Shady Grove Campus in Rockville, MD.  Discuss
ACR 2017: GE's Immelt says radiologists should not fear AI
May 23, 2017 -- WASHINGTON, DC - Radiologists should take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) by using it to improve their hospitals and practices, and they shouldn't fear that the technology will take their jobs, advised Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric, during a May 21 keynote address at the American College of Radiology (ACR) meeting.  Discuss
ACR launches Data Science Institute to drive AI
May 21, 2017 -- The American College of Radiology (ACR) announced an initiative on Sunday at its annual meeting aimed at advancing the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. The college's new Data Science Institute plans to work with industry partners and regulators to spur the adoption of these tools in clinical practice.  Discuss
'Deep patient' may point the way to better care
May 12, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - With so much research focused on disease diagnosis using artificial intelligence, it's easy to overlook a largely untapped resource that could wield at least as much firepower to reinvent healthcare for the better. That resource is the deep patient, according to a May 11 talk at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.  Discuss
Deep learning for lung cancer advances goals
May 11, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Deep-learning algorithms based on convolutional neural networks are advancing a number of cherished goals in lung cancer analysis that will soon help patients live longer -- and even predict how long they might expect to live, according to a May 10 talk at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.  Discuss
AI will bring doctors and machines together in radiology
May 10, 2017 -- SAN JOSE, CA - Physicians and machines will work better together rather than separately when it comes to deploying artificial intelligence (AI) for analyzing medical images in the years to come, according to a series of presentations on May 9 at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference.  Discuss
AI start-up eyes deep learning to aid imaging in China
May 8, 2017 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) start-up in China is seeking to use deep learning to help address the country's severe shortage of radiologists. The firm believes its algorithms will make radiologists more efficient by helping them read images faster and focus more attention on abnormal exams.  Discuss
From king to data scientist: Radiologists must adapt to AI
May 3, 2017 -- The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology will force radiologists to take on new responsibilities to remain integral members of the healthcare team, according to a talk at the Canadian Association of Radiologists annual meeting last month.  Discuss
Part 2: How will AI affect radiology?
May 2, 2017 -- How will artificial intelligence (AI) influence radiology? Although it won't replace radiologists anytime soon, the technology is poised to dramatically affect the discipline. In the second part of this series, we look at barriers to the adoption of AI, as well as its potential impact on radiology over the next 30 years.  Discuss
Part 1: How will AI affect radiology?
May 1, 2017 -- No, artificial intelligence (AI) won't replace radiologists anytime soon -- if it ever will. But the technology is poised to dramatically affect the practice of radiology by optimizing workflow, facilitating quantitative radiology, and even finding genomic markers not currently seen by radiologists.  Discuss