3D printing transitions from laboratory to bedside
February 28, 2019 -- Three-dimensional printing has spread from craniomaxillofacial surgery to a wide range of medical disciplines, and it can help demonstrate the value of radiologists in a future with artificial intelligence and machine learning. That's the view of Dr. Philipp Brantner, joint head of the 3D Printing Lab at the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland.  Discuss
3D printing reduces liver transplant costs, surgery time
February 26, 2019 -- Presurgical planning on 3D-printed models allowed researchers from China to perform liver transplants with more accuracy and efficiency than standard surgical planning methods -- ultimately speeding up operation times and reducing patient costs, according to an article recently published online in Liver Transplantation.  Discuss
3D printing yields custom-fit glasses for kids
February 20, 2019 -- Researchers from California have developed a method for creating individually tailored 3D-printed glasses based on the CT scans of kids with craniofacial defects who are unable to wear standard frames, according to a study published online in the Journal of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.  Discuss
3D printing unites radiology, otolaryngology
February 13, 2019 -- 3D printing is emerging as a key technology in the management of ear, nose, and throat conditions, according to an article recently published online in Laryngoscope. International researchers contend that the growing demand for 3D printing will bolster collaboration between radiologists and otolaryngologists.  Discuss
Cinematic rendering paves way for 'virtual' physical exam
February 5, 2019 -- Radiologists from Massachusetts identified ear calcification on the cinematically rendered CT scans of a patient with traumatic brain injury -- effectively allowing them to uncover a rare diagnosis without performing a physical exam, according to an article published online January 28 in Endocrine.  Discuss
4D flow MRI, 3D printing improve congenital heart surgery
January 23, 2019 -- Planning a complex surgery for patients with congenital heart disease may require multiple advanced visualization techniques, say researchers from California, who used both 4D flow MRI and 3D printing for a case study recently published in the World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery.  Discuss
Cinematic rendering enhances pelvic CT bone evaluation
January 21, 2019 -- Researchers from Thailand used cinematic rendering to enhance the visualization of pelvic bone CT scans, enabling radiologists and osteologists to identify key features for age estimation without invasive preparation, according to an article recently published in Forensic Science International.  Discuss
3D printing offers alternative to CT-guided lung surgery
January 3, 2019 -- An international team of researchers created 3D-printed navigational templates that were just as accurate as CT at locating small lung nodules before surgery. The templates had the added benefits of shorter operating times and lower radiation exposure, according to an article recently published online in JAMA Surgery.  Discuss
AR aids image-guided spinal procedures on live patients
December 20, 2018 -- Researchers from Washington, DC, have successfully used augmented reality (AR) technology to perform image-guided spinal procedures on patients with an accuracy matching that of traditional fluoroscopy, according to research presented at the RSNA 2018 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Life-size 3D-printed 'human' primed for radiation therapy
December 18, 2018 -- Researchers from Louisiana have created a 3D-printed full-body phantom that clinicians can use to test radiation therapy protocols as a way to improve dosing for radiation therapy during cancer treatment.  Discuss