By staff writers

January 25, 2016 -- A radiologist from the University of Washington was killed in an avalanche while skiing in Utah.

Dr. Douglas Green, 49, was skiing in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah on January 21 with another person when an avalanche was triggered. News reports indicate that Green deployed an inflatable air bag but was swept up in the cascading snow and was carried half a mile. He did not have a pulse after rescue workers dug him out of the snow and was pronounced dead.

Green was an avid skier who spent time between a house in the Salt Lake City area and the University of Washington. He specialized in CT and MRI and co-directed the body CT team at the University of Washington Medical Center, according to a university statement.

"All of us who know Doug are aware that there is not a more caring person in the world," said Dr. Norman Beauchamp, chief of radiology at the university, in a statement. "His genuineness, selflessness, and unmatched devotion to teaching and patients serves as an inspiration to all. Doug is a role model for how we should treat others."

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