RSNA 2021 Women's Imaging Preview

Harmonic, subharmonic ultrasound characterizes breast lesions

By Amerigo Allegretto, staff writer

Monday, November 29 | 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. | SSBR04-4 | Room TBA
In this presentation, Flemming Forsberg, PhD, from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia will discuss characterizing breast lesions with 3D harmonic and subharmonic ultrasound.

Forsberg will share findings from a study of 236 women that showed promise in characterizing lesions as either benign or malignant.

In a multicenter clinical trial, the study authors found that of the 236 cases, 219 were successfully scanned and biopsies indicated 164 (75%) benign and 55 (25%) malignant lesions. Five radiologists who were blinded to other results independently scored four randomized ultrasound modes using a seven-point BI-RADS scale from negative to highly suggestive of malignancy as well as lesion vascularity and diagnostic confidence.

So, how well did the imaging methods perform when compared to mammography? Find out more in Forsberg's presentation.

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