By Cynthia E. Keen, staff writer
    November 11, 2011

    Tuesday, November 29 | 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. | LL-INS-TU8A | Lakeside Learning Center
    A Web-based data entry form to record ultrasound measurements has not only eliminated the use of paper forms in the radiology department of Staten Island University Hospital, it has improved the accuracy of communications between technologists and radiologists.

    This poster presentation by fourth-year radiology resident Dr. Anusuya Mokashi will describe the accomplishments of this relatively simple seamless integration of a software program into the technologist workflow using desktop macro software.

    IT specialists internally developed the program with the objective of eliminating this last source of paper use in the radiology department. Technologists performing an ultrasound exam can access the form with one click from the Web-based RIS on the electronic page being used to track a patient's case. They enter measurements and have ample space to write as much descriptive information as they wish about a case. Some simple values, such as the renal arterial ratio, are automatically computed. Radiologists access the ultrasound exam case form with a single-click button on the reading worklist.

    Paper forms are never lost, and measurements are not misinterpreted due to bad handwriting. The low error rate has not changed, and by capturing the measurements electronically, they have become data available for research project use.

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