RSNA 2019: Imaging Informatics Preview

Software platform facilitates CDS for radiologists

By Erik L. Ridley, AuntMinnie staff writer

November 14, 2019 --

Tuesday, December 3 | 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. | IN144-ED-TUA7 | Lakeside, IN Community, Station 7
Researchers from Massachusetts will describe in this poster presentation how their computer-assisted reporting and decision-support (CAR/DS) system can enable clinical decision support (CDS) for radiologists.

For a variety of reasons, practicing radiologists frequently do not adhere to guidelines and practice parameters during image interpretation and reporting. However, the CAR/DS platform brings relevant clinical guidelines directly into the radiologist workflow via an easy-to-use, digital format, according to lead author Dr. Bernardo Bizzo of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) Center for Clinical Data Science.

"In the CAR/DS vision, when a radiologist encounters a situation with a relevant imaging finding, instead of issuing an interpretation based on personal preference or experience, the CAR/DS tool incorporated into the PACS viewer or [voice-recognition system] directs the radiologist to conform to recognized best practices," Bizzo told "With respect to recommendations for follow-up imaging, the CAR/DS tool should help less experienced radiologists move toward the recommendation pattern of more experienced radiologists and, in doing so, substantially reduce variation among radiologists."

Early research investigations have shown that CAR/DS improves report standardization, enhances agreement with prevailing care guidelines, increases report completeness, and bolsters physician compliance with follow-up imaging recommendations, according to Bizzo.

In addition, the structured data generated from the use of these tools can provide inputs for the development of machine-learning algorithms, standardized patient downstream follow-up, and data-driven patient care quality improvements, Bizzo noted.

"Also, it allows for data analytics and research initiatives toward development and update of CAR/DS modules," he said.

What other benefits does the CAR/DS provide? Visit this poster presentation on Tuesday to learn more.

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