By Erik L. Ridley, staff writer
    November 5, 2012

    Tuesday, November 27 | 5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. | LL-INS-TU4D | Lakeside Learning Center
    In this poster presentation, a team from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland will share its approach to radiology PACS disaster recovery.

    While a disaster recovery plan is critical to any large-scale PACS implementation, there's a lot of uncertainty as to what's the best disaster recovery strategy, said presenter Dr. Bahar Mansoori.

    In the poster, Mansoori and colleagues will describe their institution's experience with designing and implementing technology for a disaster recovery plan. They will also provide their evaluation of how software upgrades affect unplanned outages and scheduled downtime.

    To provide the basis for investing in disaster recovery strategies, it's important to identify the operational and financial impact of any disaster in the radiology practice, according to the researchers.

    In addition to delving into the key issues that need to be addressed when designing an appropriate disaster recovery plan, the team will explain how the use of clusters -- multiple computers and interconnections that form a single highly available system -- can protect against downtime for important applications that always need to be available for users, Mansoori said.

    "A 'metrocluster' configuration has additional backup with both local clustered failover and further capabilities of remote failover," he said.

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