By Erik L. Ridley, staff writer
    November 5, 2012

    Sunday, November 25 | 11:35 a.m.-11:45 a.m. | SSA11-06 | Room S403A
    This scientific paper presentation will show how lightweight portable monitors can convert a laptop into a mobile three-headed workstation for reading images.

    The researchers tested two different USB-powered lightweight monitors from Toshiba America Medical Systems and AOC and found that image quality was similar. In addition, for cross-sectional images, image quality was considered as good as with 3-megapixel diagnostic displays from Barco, said presenter Dr. Eric Brandser from Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky.

    "Overall, the USB-powered lightweight monitors provide a portable method to view PACS-based imaging studies while on the go," Brandser said.

    Both models were lightweight and are easily configured for three-headed configurations, Brandser said. Furthermore, they adapt well to PACS software from McKesson, Infinitt North America, and GE Healthcare.

    Brandser did note a major drawback of the USB-powered monitors, however. In contrast to the portrait viewing configuration used in most PACS displays, USB-powered monitors are designed for landscape viewing.

    "There is an increased off-angle for the monitors when viewed in portrait mode compared to landscape mode, and the AOC monitors had more glare than Toshiba," he said.

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