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MRgFUS-guided therapy an effective prostate cancer treatment option

By Kate Madden Yee, staff writer

Tuesday, November 29 | 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. | T5A-SPGU-1 | Learning Center - GU DPS
MRI-guided focused ultrasound ablation (MRgFUS) is a viable treatment option for men with localized, clinically significant prostate cancer, according to a poster to be presented by Canadian researchers on Tuesday.

The results come from a phase-III study that included data from 44 men with prostate cancer who underwent transrectal MRgFUS between February 2016 and July 2019. Of these, 36 had Gleason grade group 2 disease and eight had grade group 3 -- both groups that indicate intermediate disease. The men were followed up with multiparametric MRI and biopsy at six and 24 months; they were also assessed for prostate cancer symptoms and erectile function at 24 months. None of them experienced complications from the MRgFUS procedure.

The investigators found that 91% of the men were free of disease at the treatment site at 24-month follow-up, and median symptom/erectile function scores at two years post-treatment were similar to baseline scores. The findings suggest that "targeted focal therapy of intermediate-risk prostate cancer performed under MRgFUS is safe, with very encouraging two-year oncological and functional outcomes," they wrote.

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