RSNA 2021 News
Video from RSNA 2021: Is AI scaring medical students away from radiology?
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - Is artificial intelligence (AI) scaring medical students away from choosing radiology as a specialty? Dr. Michael Atalay of Brown University presented research on this question at RSNA 2021, and we caught up with him in McCormick Place to discuss his study.  Discuss
Antioxidant agent protects DNA from ionizing radiation
November 30, 2021 -- N-acetylcysteine is a promising compound for protecting cells from DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation in medical imaging, according to preclinical research presented Tuesday morning at RSNA 2021 in Chicago.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2021: The emergence of photon-counting CT
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - One of the most exciting new medical imaging technologies to emerge in 2021 is photon-counting CT. But what is it, and why is it an improvement over existing technology? We talked to Cynthia McCollough, PhD, of the Mayo Clinic about photon-counting CT at this week's RSNA 2021 meeting.  Discuss
GE targets radiology efficiency with new product launches
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - GE Healthcare is launching new products across a range of medical imaging modalities at RSNA 2021, with a common theme: making radiology departments and imaging centers more efficient. The introductions include a new MRI family and a new CT scanner.  Discuss
CEUS helps identify lymph nodes in breast cancer patients
November 30, 2021 -- Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) lymphosonography is useful in identifying sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer patients undergoing surgery, according to research presented November 29 at the RSNA annual meeting.  Discuss
Chest x-ray prototype shows promise imaging lungs
November 30, 2021 -- Researchers have developed a low-dose, multicontrast chest x-ray system that offers the potential to improve the clinical diagnosis and screening of lung diseases, according to a November 29 presentation at RSNA 2021 in Chicago.  Discuss
Head trauma patients on older blood thinners face higher risk
November 30, 2021 -- Adults who are on older blood-thinning medications have a significantly higher risk of a delayed intracranial hemorrhage or death following brain trauma, according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA 2021 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2021: Dr. Paul Chang on AI in radiology
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - What's the latest on artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology? Is the establishment of Medicare payments for AI leading to increased clinical use? We caught up to Dr. Paul Chang at RSNA 2021 and asked him for his take.  Discuss
AI could help with breast ultrasound workloads
November 30, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce false-positive findings and potentially eliminate up to 80% of breast ultrasound exams from the radiologist worklist, according to research presented November 29 at the RSNA annual meeting.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2021: Tobias Gilk on MRI safety
November 30, 2021 -- CHICAGO - Despite efforts to make the MRI environment safer, accidents continue to occur, most often due to the modality's powerful magnetic fields. We talked to MRI safety expert Tobias Gilk about what more can be done.  Discuss
November 24, 2021 -- MRI technology was launched into the world of imaging 50 years ago. In the decades since, the modality has become a key part of patient care. RSNA attendees will have numerous opportunities to learn about the benefits of MRI.
November 23, 2021 -- Presentations specific to COVID-19 are among the molecular imaging scientific sessions offered at RSNA 2021. Attendees will also enjoy research in oncologic and brain imaging, radionuclide therapy, PET radiopharmaceuticals, technical advances, and more.
November 22, 2021 -- Our next destination on the Road to RSNA is imaging informatics -- specifically, enterprise imaging, cybersecurity, structured reporting, clinical decision support, analytics, radiomics, and issues regarding patient access to radiology results.
November 18, 2021 -- CT is a dynamic imaging modality that's used for a range of applications and, thus, is a key part of the healthcare enterprise. At this year's RSNA meeting, CT will be featured in a variety of sessions that tackle everything from how to incorporate artificial intelligence into CT imaging to the development of new technologies such as photon-counting CT.
November 17, 2021 -- Experts suggest one reason digital x-ray is an attractive modality to researchers developing artificial intelligence models is that large patient datasets are more available than in other modalities. The chest radiographs used in data analysis for the studies we've highlighted in this Road to RSNA section alone number in the hundreds of thousands.
November 16, 2021 -- At RSNA 2021, attendees will have the chance to learn about new and improved ways to detect and diagnose breast cancers, screening methods that combine multiple imaging modalities, the role of artificial intelligence in reducing false positives and improving accuracy, the continued emergence of digital breast tomosynthesis, abbreviated breast MRI, and more.
November 15, 2021 -- Welcome to the first installment of this year's Road to RSNA preview of the RSNA 2021 meeting, which will return to McCormick Place after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fittingly, our journey along the Road to RSNA begins with our preview of artificial intelligence.