RSNA 2020 News
RSNA 2020 NEWS portable CT scanner takes imaging directly to patients
November 29, 2020 -- This year's winner of the Minnies award for Best New Radiology Device is the Somatom portable CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers, which takes imaging directly to the patient's bedside. talked to Siemens Healthineers executives about the system in this video interview.  Discuss
CT shows damaging effects of wood smoke on lungs
November 25, 2020 -- CT shows damage caused to the lungs in people who cook with natural fuels such as wood or brush, which can produce pollutants and toxins when burned, according to research to be presented at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss
MRI shows how anxiety speeds Alzheimer's progression
November 24, 2020 -- Brain MRI scans show that patients with anxiety progress more quickly from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease, according to research to be presented at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 conference.  Discuss
Weight-loss surgery weakens teenagers' bones
November 24, 2020 -- MRI and CT exams illuminate the negative effect a common weight-loss surgery called sleeve gastrectomy has on teenagers' bones, according to research to be presented at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 conference.  Discuss
3D-printed nasal swabs aid fight against COVID-19
November 23, 2020 -- 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swabs perform just as well as traditional flocked swabs used to collect nasal secretions for COVID-19 tests, according to results of a clinical trial scheduled to be presented at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss
Food, housing insecurity tied to breast biopsy delay
November 19, 2020 -- Women with food and housing insecurity experience a delay between receiving a BI-RADS 4 or 5 result on diagnostic breast imaging and a subsequent biopsy. The finding is part of a paper on the effects of unmet social needs on imaging that will be presented at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.  Discuss
Diabetes, hypertension boost COVID-19 stroke risk
November 18, 2020 -- Patients with diabetes and/or hypertension are at higher risk of COVID-19 brain complications such as bleeding and stroke, according to research to be delivered at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting. The findings further illustrate the far-reaching nature of COVID-19 disease.  Discuss
MRI shows negative impact of racket sports
November 17, 2020 -- Sports like tennis and racquetball speed the breakdown of the knee joint in overweight people with osteoarthritis, according to research to be presented at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 conference. Such individuals might want to switch sports to avoid knee injury, the authors suggest.  Discuss
How to work the virtual RSNA conference
November 13, 2020 -- Do you have a plan for RSNA 2020, now that it's virtual? It's going to be much different from past editions of radiology's showcase conference. Fortunately, the PACSman -- Michael J. Cannavo -- offers some tips on navigating the virtual meeting.  Discuss
November 18, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) may again be the darling of this year's RSNA meeting, but there's more to imaging informatics than AI, of course. Our final stop on this year's Road to RSNA preview takes a look at what to expect in enterprise imaging, clinical decision support, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, business analytics, patient portals, and other informatics topics.
November 17, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted CT's usefulness as a diagnostic tool -- especially in the early days of the outbreak, when laboratory tests were scarce and results were delayed. Attendees at RSNA 2020 will learn about research demonstrating CT's efficacy in COVID-19 patients, as well as its use in cardiac imaging and other important areas.
November 16, 2020 -- A number of exciting women's imaging topics will be featured at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting, including developments in ultrasound screening and cutting-edge interventional techniques to treat breast malignancies.
November 12, 2020 -- In this most unusual of years, x-ray has once again demonstrated why it's still the most widely used medical imaging modality, some 125 years after that historic experiment in Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's lab.
November 11, 2020 -- It's no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year, as healthcare providers around the world have attempted to cope with the global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But MRI has shown its value throughout the crisis, and attendees of the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting will be sure to encounter research that highlights the modality's efficacy.
November 10, 2020 -- It's been a big year for ultrasound, and the presentations at the virtual RSNA 2020 meeting are sure to continue that trend. The conference will cover a number of cutting-edge ultrasound topics, including the use of artificial intelligence and contrast-enhanced applications.
November 9, 2020 -- Welcome to the first installment of this year's Road to RSNA preview of the RSNA 2020 meeting. Although RSNA 2020 will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees will find no shortage of scientific and educational content. And as in recent years, artificial intelligence will have a dominant presence at the meeting.