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Philips to launch ops command center at RSNA

By staff writers
November 24, 2020

Philips Healthcare plans to launch a command center to manage radiology operations and departmental workflow at the upcoming virtual RSNA 2020 meeting.

The company's Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC) is a vendor-neutral offering designed to improve communication between radiologists, radiologic technologists, and imaging operations personnel who manage multiple imaging sites. The concept employs software developed by Philips to maintain business continuity, improve radiology productivity across a healthcare enterprise, reduce issues related to image quality, and expand access to MRI and CT services.

Philips sees Radiology Operations Command Center as a "brain" that drives and oversees all of an enterprise's radiology workflows while minimizing resources and helping administrators focus on reducing staff overload and improving the staff experience, according to Sham Sokka, PhD.

ROCC's remote scanner connections are compatible with older imaging devices and enable users to create a hub-and-spoke model within their current installed base of scanners. It can be used for functions such as virtual imaging assistance, virtual on-demand cross-training, and remote adjustment of imaging protocols for greater standardization.

Radiology Operations Command Center is available as a commercial product, and Philips has an installation up and running at a RadNet facility in the New York City area. The company sees strong potential for ROCC as healthcare enterprises pursue virtualization and the distribution of imaging systems closer to the point of care, such as emergency intensive care units, according to Sokka.

ROCC is just one of a number of offerings that Philips is making available under its new Radiology Workflow Suite, also being introduced at the RSNA conference. The program bundles existing Philips products and services with new offerings like ROCC.

Offerings under the program range cover the gamut of radiology workflow, including scheduling and patient preparation, image acquisition, image and data interpretation, and reporting and results communication. The suite is vendor-neutral and can work with products from any vendor, according to Philips.

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