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Does RSNA 2020 measure up for vendors?

December 3, 2020

How well does the technical exhibition for the RSNA 2020 virtual meeting measure up to past in-person shows when it comes to the companies exhibiting? And how have vendors adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic? Steve Holloway from U.K. market insights firm Signify Research offers a perspective.

This year's RSNA 2020 is relatively quiet compared with past years, and vendors appear to have approached the show cautiously, Holloway believes. Some companies are questioning whether virtual meetings produce the same level of lead generation and product sales as in-person meetings. As a result, they seem to be holding back major new product launches.

Some highlights from this year's meeting include an emphasis on improving workflow through imaging informatics software, as well as new marketplaces for artificial intelligence (AI) software, Holloway notes.

Holloway also touches on the impact of COVID-19 on vendor R&D and future new product introductions. He sees the pandemic affecting collaboration between vendors and large academic centers, which could influence technology development down the road.

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