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Mirion launches new dosimetry products

By staff writers
November 25, 2019

Radiation monitoring firm Mirion Technologies has announced two product launches in time for RSNA 2019 in Chicago: Instadose2 and the Instadose Companion mobile app.

Instadose2 is a wireless radiation monitoring dosimetry badge designed to take deep and shallow measurements of both photon and beta radiation. The dosimeter wirelessly captures, transmits, measures, analyzes, and reports radiation dose exposure on demand.

Compatible with Instadose2, the upgraded Instadose Companion mobile app delivers radiation exposure analytics and insights to users. The app wirelessly transmits, processes, tracks, and displays radiation exposure data captured by Instadose+ and Instadose2. New features of the updated app include high dose and temperature error activity alerts and read reminder details.

Both products come to market at an apt moment as liability lawsuits bring the conversation around timely radiation exposure dose information to the forefront.

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