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Sigmascreening hits milestone, touts RSNA study

By staff writers
November 28, 2018

Mammography technology developer Sigmascreening announced more than 100,000 women have received mammographic compression with its Sensitive Sigma Paddle.

The firm also announced a study presented at RSNA 2018 that demonstrates the impact of a real-time pressure indicator during mammographic exam acquisition. In the study, researchers evaluated the effect on compression practice when replacing the pressure-based paddle with a conventional paddle without pressure indication in a group experienced technologists.

They found after removal of the pressure indicator, the average compression pressure and variance significantly increased, leading to more unfavorable over- and undercompression. The proportion of compressions in the pressure range 5 kPa to 15 kPa decreased from 87.4% to 77.9%. The proportion of high pressures (> 15 kPa) nearly doubled (11.0% to 18.8%) and low pressures (< 5 kPa) more than doubled (1.6% to 3.3%). The results indicate when removing the pressure indicator, compression variability increased rapidly, suggesting an indicator is needed to maintain compression reproducibility.

Sigmascreening features mammo compression paddle at ECR
Mammography technology developer Sigmascreening is highlighting its mammography self-compression paddle at ECR 2018.
Sigmascreening touts breast compression study at RSNA 2016
Sigmascreening is touting the results of a study that focused on the impact of pressure in breast compression on screening outcomes at RSNA 2016 in Chicago.
Sigmascreening to debut breast paddle at RSNA 2016
Sigmascreening will use the upcoming RSNA 2016 meeting to introduce Sensitive Sigma Paddle, which enables personalized compression for mammograms.

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