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Metrasens highlights MRI safety suite at RSNA 2018

By staff writers
November 25, 2018

Advanced magnetic detection technology firm Metrasens plans to showcase its MRI safety suite at RSNA 2018 in Chicago.

The suite provides medical personnel with MRI safety management metrics such as automated data capture, real-time analytics and benchmarking, and report generation, according to the company. A comprehensive safety audit by Metrasens is also part of the service, as is an onsite staff training program and full audit reporting tools. The firm said that its My MRI Safety app and web portal enable MRI managers to access safety metrics across any number of MRI facilities.

The safety suite is designed to work in tandem with Metrasens' ferromagnetic detection systems, which detect ferromagnetic items near MRI scanners before they can cause severe damage or injuries, the company said.

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