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Infervision debuts AI stroke screening software

By staff writers
December 5, 2017

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Infervision unveiled its new stroke detection AI algorithm at last week's RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.

The deep learning-based software, called the AI-CT Stroke Screening System, is designed to help radiologists quickly determine the type, location, and severity of a stroke using a patient's brain CT scans, according to the company.

Infervision's AI-CT Stroke Screening System is designed to help radiologists find and diagnose stroke on brain CT scans. Image courtesy of Infervision.

In patients with hemorrhagic stroke, the algorithm can accurately spot the location of the bleed and measure the amount of blood volume, the company said. As MRI scans are usually less available than CT studies, the AI-CT Stroke Screening System can also be used to help physicians detect signs of ischemic stroke on brain CT, providing more stroke information for clinical intervention, Infervision said.

Radiologists at Beijing Tian Tan Hospital are currently testing the platform, which is the second developed by the firm. Infervision's initial platform -- AI-CT Lung Screening System and AI-DR Lung Screening System -- is aimed at assisting radiologists in detecting lung cancer and other cardiothoracic disease on chest CT and x-ray exams.

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