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Guerbet launches contrast management software

By staff writers
November 23, 2017

French contrast developer Guerbet plans to launch a new contrast management software offering called Contrast&Care at the RSNA 2017 conference.

Contrast&Care is an integrated software application that groups data related to contrast exams, such as media type, injection protocol, and patient data, and interfaces with imaging informatics systems like RIS and PACS networks. Information generated by injectors is transmitted to Contrast&Care after each exam, enabling users to view the history of each patient, as well as the exams with contrast that have been performed and the doses of contrast media administered.

Contrast&Care also gives users the option of reviewing and creating libraries for contrast protocols, in addition to viewing statistics and trends related to injection activity and the use of contrast media.

Contrast&Care complements Dose&Care in Guerbet's portfolio of contrast software. The product will begin shipping at the beginning of 2018.

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