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RADxx launches awards program

By staff writers
October 12, 2017

The RAD Women (RADxx) networking group for women in imaging informatics has launched an awards program.

The RADxx awards will recognize the achievements of women in the field of medical imaging informatics, as well as men and women who have supported the career advancement of women in medical imaging informatics, according to RADxx sponsor Ambra Health.

Award categories include the following:

  • RADxx Trailblazer: recognizes a pioneering woman leader in informatics who has been in the field for at least 10 years
  • RADxx Advocate: open to both men and women who have helped support and further the advancement of women in imaging informatics
  • RADxx Rising Star: recognizes the next generation of women leaders in imaging informatics

Those interested in the awards may apply through November 10. Winners will be announced at the RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.

RADxx was launched in 2016 by Dr. Geraldine McGinty and Ambra executive Mini Peiris to foster networking and mentorship opportunities for women leaders in radiology, informatics, and IT management of imaging systems, Ambra said.

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