Ikonopedia unveils breast US module at RSNA 2013

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
December 2, 2013

Ikonopedia has unveiled its SonoPro breast ultrasound interpretation and reporting module at RSNA 2013 in Chicago.

The system is designed to guide radiologists through the interpretive process for diagnostic breast ultrasound exams.

Delivered as a cloud-based Web application, SonoPro is based upon the teaching files of Dr. Thomas Stavros, one of Ikonopedia's founders and author of Breast Ultrasound. SonoPro guides the physician through the interpretive process for diagnostic ultrasound with a lesion locator tool designed specifically for breast ultrasound, Ikonopedia said.

To aid workflow, Ikonopedia developed BreastPro, breast imaging report generation software tools based on indexing breast findings by what they look like rather than what they are called. As the radiologist selects images on the Ikonopedia screen that most closely match the patient's images, a structured language report is generated from a standardized lexicon.

Embedded reference and educational materials also are available via a context-sensitive, multimedia reference library drawn from the teaching files and maintained by Ikonopedia founders Drs. László Tabár, Tom Stavros, and Michael Vendrell. Interactive images also allow regions of interest to be localized and other characteristics of the patient image to be described visually, the company said. The visual cues are then automatically and seamlessly translated into a report with no dictation, no pull down menus, and no introduction of error, the firm added.

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